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Designed by Nature,

Made for Humans.


Designed by Nature,


Made for Humans.



teal is a Public Benefit Goods Company. We offer the first fully biobased packaging for the health + wellness industry that does not create any unnecessary harm to the environment.

We operate on science backed discoveries that capture and transform carbon sources into a high-strength biopolymer found in nature called PHA. PHA is an energy source made from microorganisms. Like a  banana peel, PHA breaks down into CO2, organic waste, and water. Because like-dissolves-like, PHA is shelf stable until it hits microbial activity whether in landfills, soil, the ocean, compost, or recycled at our facilities.


First of it's kind

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Ocean Degradable


Our Mission is to increase environmental sustainability by replacing petroleum-based plastics through the use of naturally renewable materials.

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